Saving parameters to atmel flash rom

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Saving parameters to atmel flash rom

Postby BobGardner » Sat Oct 16, 2004 5:44 pm

We have been using turbo microstamps for several projects.... I had a need to save some parameters in the program rom... I read the atmel datasheet... evidently you can just write a byte to the rom if it is unprotected and it sets it own 10ms timer,,, so I only had to write a little couple line function to pick up a byte from a variable and store it in the flash rom, then delay 10 or 12 ms, then rts. This subroutine gets blockmoved from rom to ram, then you save your byte to be burned in the global var and jsr to the ram burner routine.... it picks up the byte, writes it, delays 12ms, and returns to running in rom. I can post an example if anyone thinks they can use this trick.
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