Using PCBug11 with XP and Vista

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Using PCBug11 with XP and Vista

Postby cbarnes » Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:20 pm

PCBug11 is probably the best diagnostic tool around for the 68HC11. Unfortunately, as PCs got faster, the hard-coded timeout loop in PCBug11's communication routine finished so fast, it became impossible to connect with a target 68HC11. Attempts to make Windows substitutes, such as WinBug and JBug11, never quite matched the simplicity and versatility of PCBug11. Up until now, the only way to make PCBug11 available was to keep an old slow PC running in the corner of your workshop. Now, however, it's possible to keep an old PC running, virtually, in a corner of your Windows desktop!

See this Application Note for step by step instructions to get PCBug11 up and running: ... DOSbox.txt
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