IR Interface on M68EVB912E128

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IR Interface on M68EVB912E128

Postby manfred » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:21 pm

I am experimenting with the IR device to read the output from a TV romote control. I jumpered pin 2 & 3 of JB6 to power the TFDU4100 (IR device) on the board. With no light input there seems to bo a 2.5 Khz signal on the RXD output (RXD2/PM4 input). The signal is mostly high with short low pulses. My scope is too slow so I am not able to measure the low duration of the pulses. The Pulse durations from the TV romote are much longer, so, I could filter out (using software) this unwanted signal but I would like to know if the 2.5 Khz signal is normal.

Has anyone else interfaced a TV remote?

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