msdemo11.asm behaving as a modem?

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msdemo11.asm behaving as a modem?

Postby emc2 » Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:13 am

I am using the serial cable that came with my starter kit to communicate with the demo program that comes installed in the microstamp11.

Checking the cable today I realize that it is a standard serial cable, meaning there is no crossover of the tx and rx pins in the cable.

From what I have learned, DTE/DCE communications (like a computer communicating with a modem) would use a standard serial cable.

However,(if I understand) for DTE/DTE ( computer to computer) communications a null modem cable is required.

If the cable that I have is a standard serial cable(not a null modem cable) then why does the msdemo11 program work with it? It must be that the demo program is behaving like a modem?

However, many of the example "hello world" programs that I am coming accross on the internet seem to require a null modem cable. ( I will know more at the end of the day after I have purchased a null modem adapter) I am hoping that the reason that I have not been able to get any examples working(other than the demo program) is because they require a null modem cable.
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