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Postby sprince » Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:05 pm

New to the forum. Just purchased an adapt12sx board with x gate, and want to use codewarrior and the serial monitor to program the device. I first started off using teraterm to verify the board was working okay.

After setting the baud rate, and putting the board in the run mode, a small io menu appeared on the teraterm screen, so I knew the board was functioning.

I then followed the cw/serial monitor "how to" and was able to burn a small program (that did nothing) into the chip. I hope I didn't remove the serial monitor would I know?

Now I want to run my program, and monitor it using cw debugger. Do I now put the board into the run mode, or leave it in the load mode?

When I run the program using the debugger, what can I expect to see on the screen? How do I use this tool?

Thanks in advance
S. Prince
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