1-wire timing

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1-wire timing

Postby tabull » Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:47 pm

The Dallas-Maxim Web site gives SW for a DS18B20 1-wire temp sensor, but the processor is an 8051. Timing is critical for the 1-wire devices, and generating the required delays is platform specific. I have no way to measure timing delays on my NanoCore12, as I do not have, and cannot afford, say, a storage 'scope.

Can anyone (or will anyone) give me suggestions or assistance with setting up the delays for using this 1-wire device with the NanoCore12?

I am leaning toward using the DS1626 3-wire device instead, but I'd like my decision to be rational, so I'd like to know more about using a 1-wire chip with the NanoCore12.

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