Hardware access to sixth PWM pin

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Hardware access to sixth PWM pin

Postby raptor310 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 6:57 am

I want to know how to utilise the sixth PWM channnel on my Nanocore12MAX because looking at the circuit diagram, it appears that PP5 is connected to the load/run switch. This probabaly means the serial monitor is using it and protecting it and is unwilling to budge. If it is the serial monitor my solution to this is to get a BDM pod that works in my preferred IDE.

Any comments from those that know are welcome.

F.Y.I. I need 6 channels becuause I hope to someday build a 3-phase AC inverter (small scale and small voltages, yes will need opto-isolation). As a final year project at Uni. :D

Sorry if this has been answered before but i just spent half an hour serching the forum and had no result.
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Postby cbarnes » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:51 pm

For anyone searching the forum for answers to this question, it should be pointed out that the circuit diagram indeed shows PP5 going to the Load/Run switch. But remember, the Serial Monitor only checks PP5 immediately following a Reset event, in order to determine whether to activate the monitor or to vector to the user code (via the User Reset Vector). What this means is that you are free to use PP5 (pin 24) in your application. If you happen to move the switch to the Load position while your app is running, however, you will shunt PP5 to ground through the 1K resistor (R6). No harm will occur, but the behaviour of PP5 may be affected.

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