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Beginner looking for guidance

Postby brunie » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:33 pm


I have an Adapt9S12DP256 and would like to use it to analyze some serial data. I have a WiFi module that I can output data serially. With this, I would like to input its data into the microcontroller and perform some basic action (LED control) based on the data that is contained in this transmission. If anyone could provide some guidance (steps needed, sample code, etc.) to perform this task, I would really appreciate it.

Essentially, I am looking to parse the string of characters that is input to the Adapt9S12DP256 and extract certain numbers inside the string. Based on their values, I will either turn an LED on or off.

I looked into the SDI functions but I am unsure if this is adequate to perform the tasks I require.

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