Programmer can not communicate with 9S12A256

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Programmer can not communicate with 9S12A256

Postby arthur » Sat Apr 30, 2005 4:22 am


I am using 9S12A256 MCU and microBDM12SX+ POD in my project. But during my testing, I find that the programmer can not communicate with the Microcontroller. After POD reset, some prompt information and "R>"
(running mode) will show in the terminal. I can use "MD" command to
check memory in the target MCU. But when I try to get to active background mode ("S>"), for example, by setting "STOP" or "RESET" to the target MCU, I only get the information that "Can not
communicate with target CPU" in the PC terminal. I also try to erase security and only get "Can not communicate with target CPU information". I am using the MCU in Normal Single Chip Mode. Anyone has any idea? Thnaks.

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