the program doesn't stick

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the program doesn't stick

Postby mduhamel » Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:22 pm


I just started using a MicroStamp11 64k Turbo. I have it working through the terminal viewer of the ICC C compiler at 38400 baud. I see the built-in test program, and when I press S it prints "beep", etc.

When I try to use Microload to upload my own test program, it appears to work. But when I press the reset button on the docking module, the built-in test program is still there.

Microload fails as expected if I try uploading with the power off. However, it does not produce any error if I intentionally leave the switch set to "protect". Does it not verify the upload?

I have it running from a 6V battery. Does it need a higher voltage to write to the flash?

Any ideas why my program won't run?
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Postby cbarnes » Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:28 am

Make sure you select the correct target in ICC in the environment options, or at least implement the correct memory map, as described in the MicroStamp11 manual (page 18) before compiling your test program.

Make sure to include vectors.c in your project so that the reset vector is included with your project. Otherwise, the old reset vector (from the demo program) will still be there.

Since MicroLoad does not produce any error message when the PROT switch is on, I suspect your program is loading into RAM instead of EEPROM. Again, check the target memory options in ICC.

Finally, I would try using a DC power supply until you get things working well. Your 6V battery may be causing some issues at this point, so it's best to eliminate any potential problem sources. As a battery weakens, it can result in communication errors due to the current spikes generated by the RS232 interface chip's charge pump.

To troubleshoot this further, load a known-good program (other than the demo) and see if everything works correctly. If so, that will assure you the hardware and power supply are not issues. Then you can focus on getting your ICC setup and your test code working.

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